Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poison The Well- Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder/Tear From The Red

Genre: Post-hardcore/Melodic hardcore
Favorite Tracks: Grain Of Salt (What's The Use In Having A Heart?), Turn Down Elliot
Alright I decided to put PTW's two best (in my opinion) albums up for you. They are both in the same zip because one of them is technically an EP so it's decently short but it's got my all-time favorite PTW song, Grain Of Salt. The instrumentation on the EP is really heavy and more post-hardcore and the instrumentation on the full album is more melodic hardcore but it does still have its heavy moments. The vocal style remains about the same, someone really angry and depressed about a loss of love but I really like the lyrics and the way they are presented. EP is called Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder and the full album is titled Tear From The Red. Enjoy.

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  1. you come before you is defintely their best, not that tear from the red isnt.